Academic Search Complete

Scholarly Integrity by Academic Search Complete as an Indexing database

Academic Search Complete is a collection of magazines, journals, conference proceedings, some books, newspapers and etc in online formats.

Well before the boom of the internet, the scholarly community had it’s own rules and regulations and some methods that are even extinct today.

Let’s imagine you wanted to read an article in the computer engineering field, by a peer in another university. The scale of the problem is just unbelievable!

First of all, you would need to get in touch with your current institution and ask them to see if they have a version of it or not. Most likely they did not have a version of the recently published articles and essays.

Therefore, you have to order it! That means submitting a form to your university, requesting them to bring in the specific item from another place, for educational purposes. Then if it did not get rejected, it is going to take days depending on how far it is coming from.

So from top to bottom, it would at least take four days for your package to arrive! And all of this was well before the arrival of the internet.

The Benefits of Academic Search Complete in Research?

Nowadays, all you need is a platform, so you can download whatever you want from. Here is the place that different services come to mind. One of them is Academic Search Premier, or ASP. It is an indexing service that was first published in 1997 in Massachusetts.

The main focus of Academic Search is giving services to international institutions, covering subjects such as education, psychology, social science and etc. The formats that you can explore include newspapers, magazines, academic journals and more.

Then another version named Academic Search Complete or ASC was published back in 2007 as Academic Premier. It is also an abstracting service, that you can easily access via various websites. Its coverage is consisted of more than 8500 full-text periodicals, including more than nearly 7300 peer-reviewed journals.

AC also offers its users the abstract for more than ten thousand journals and more than 11000 publications including reports and monographs, with many more. The coverage that they provide starts from 1965 to the present moment, which is pretty extensive in fact, but if the format in not a big deal to you, and you are absolutely fine with PDF, you even download files from the 1887!

Some field researchers include their full text and its specific references, publication date, abstracts, author, noted references relevant images and more. The results of your search that are in article form can also include thumbnail images, which show how extensive this system can be.



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