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Research Rabbit – A WebTool to Enhance Your Literature Writings

Research rabbit a website that enables you to enhance your literature writings and get better results by combining multiple related articles and making it one with your own paper, so let me explain more!

You are a student, researcher, professor, or an employee of a company, and you are trying to gather some ideas on matters that are related to literature. As a student, you can be working on your literature paper that you have to present next week about Shakespeare or Ferdowsi and you want some more text and related notes for your paper.

As a researcher, you might be looking for the latest news on some specific literature genres of books and news that has been published in the past few months.

As a employee, your boss has given you the task to write a good article regarding your companies mission or main goal and you are trying to find a good quote that would fit the occasion.

As a professor, you may be looking for a place to see the up-to-date literature based stuff to a specific subject that you want, or even for any other purposes that are out there, you ca use Research Rabbit.

Research Rabbit helps you and gives you features like no other platform out there and helps you to get the best result out of your paper or research.

How Research Rabbit works is simple: you just need to upload the paper or research that you have into the website and then wait for it to do it’s magic! It gathers the similar papers and researches and mixes them together with your own paper, resulting in a more comprehensive paper with brand new information on it!

It is as easy and simple as it can gets. Now let me explain in detail, how exactly it works.

First of all, you upload your paper or research of choice into their website, then it generates some papers and researches, and they are shown in the recommended section.

If you see any paper that might be relevant to your paper, you can add it to your project. After that, then it tries to generate more from your chosen paper and this procedures loops until you get a mixed paper result.

At this point, your paper is ready, but if you want to further enhance your paper, you can re-do this procedure and make an even more complicated research paper!


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