Academic and Scientific Journals

Academic and Scientific Journals: Definition and Review

The art of journaling is a trending one with different types making their way to the limelight each day. From a list of diverse types of journals, two prominent ones are academic journals and scientific journals. They made their way to the trend of journaling and since then, we see them ruling the charts.

Here is a brief discussion over the terms of ‘Scientific Journals’ and ‘Academic Journals.’

• What is a Journal?

First comes the question of what actually a journal is. A journal is a scholarly publication that involves articles, blogs, and write-ups written by researchers and scholars and other experts. Journals are based on a particular field or a specific discipline, and contain information related to that field only. Such Journals are not created for general readers, instead, they are prepared for students or institutions related to that field of study.

• Academic Journal:


An academic journal, also called scholarly journal is the type of a periodical which includes articles based on original research written by experts and researchers in a particular academic discipline providing a hub for discussion based on production and critique of technical knowledge.

Types of Academic Journals Articles:

Academic journals can be of different types, based on different subjects. The type of articles that are included in an academic journal also vary. Usually, the academic journal include: research notes, review articles, articles, letters, and supplemental articles. Each one of them discusses the research and information related to the topic of discussion.

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• Scientific Journal:


The term ‘Scientific Journals’ elaborate the type of journal which is a periodical publication intended to further the progress of science, usually by reporting new research and advancements in the field of science.

Types of Scientific Journals Articles:

The type of articles involved in scientific journals are almost the same as described above in the types of academic articles. Further, Data papers and Video papers cover a major part of scientific journals. The data papers include data sets on various research arguments while video papers are a recent addition in which an online demonstration is done based on a new technique.

The main difference in these journals and general magazines and publications is that these journals are mostly peer-reviewed means sent to a group of experts for a review before publishing.

These journals are not meant for general readers, instead they are subjected to be considered as a forum of discussion for experts and researchers, and a hub of information for students from the same background.

General opinion says that such academic trends are a benefit to the educational and technical community and plays a major role in the advancement of these fields.



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