How to buy e-books online

How to buy e-books online

Now that you have gotten a whole idea about e-books, it is time to understand how and where to buy e-books.

Keep in mind that the process  is very similar to anything else that you want to buy on the internet, other than some differences that are very easy to figure out.

The process mainly includes the place and platform you are buying through, or any application that enables you to buy stuff online.

So, let us begin:

Find a website to buy e-books: There are plenty of websites and places in general that you can purchase e-books, other than there are some options such as Amazon Kindle Store. I know that it is very tempting to go straight to Amazon and buy e-books you want.  However, there are some other options that offers a bigger mix of genres and covers various subjects and formats of e-books.

Here are some the best places you can buy e-books


it is the largest e-book market on the internet and of course on the the oldest ones. There are many features included that keep costumers coming back. There are different subscription plans including Kindle Unlimited, Prime and etc. One downside though is that the e-books you have purchased are in AWZ format and you might need to convert them to EPUB later on.

Apple Books

If you have an apple device, then it , it would be perfect for you to use it. They are called iBooks and unlike Amazon that has applications across platform, Apple Books is only accessible through MacOS and IOS devices. However, non-Apple users are also allowed to give it a visit and buy whatever they want. Another disadvantage is that it does not offer many free e-books, unlike Amazon.


Welcome to the largest provider of independent e-books form various authors. You can find free e-books from upcoming authors and let the authors get exposure and be introduced to their target audience. This library contains over 500000 e-books, in which 70000 of them are free to download! At the homepage of the website, there are some unique filters for you to narrow down search such as word count, filters for plays, poetry and essays.

These are some of the best places you can either purchase, or freely download any e-book you want. Some of them has more advantages, but in general, they are better than the majority of other websites.



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