The Pros and Cons of Academic Validation as a Good Motivator

So it might be a question for you that what exactly is academic validation. Well today, I am going to explain it and give you some examples for better understanding. So, without any hesitation, let’s get into it.

Based on the explanation in Urban dictionary, it is to feel achieved or appreciated in various forms, including when you receive praise in school or university or any academic place.

While it can be a good motivator, constantly seeking academic validation can also become a a problem when it comes to your mental health. This kind of feeling can lead to overworking. It is basically someone who gives grades a lot of power over their sense of achievement and success.

This increasingly common pressure that teenagers and adults face is a product of social standards and it’s expectations, notably the expectation for students to keep going into higher education and be at the top of their work or class.

While society plays a huge role in this specific phenomenon, I think that parents play a vital role in the rise of students who struggle with academic validation.

The Influence of Parents in Academic Validation and Academic Achievement

Past generations of parents usually tended to expect their children to do well in academics, but did not get involved very often. As the world entered the hippie movement phase, general opinions shifted to just wanting happiness and calmness for their children, regardless of what that looked like at the time.

This idea rapidly shifted again when society saw a rise in a special form of parents, who are tremendously involved in their children’s lives and their academic success. That paved the road for the current trend of a so-called group of parents, known as bulldozer parents, who share many similarities to the last group, except the fact that they are even more active by trying to remove any obstacle in their children’s path to success.

This huge presence of parents in their children’s academic performance has led to the pressure that students feel that they have to do well in school, not only to make themselves proud but also to make their parents proud and win their approval.

So, academic validation is not necessarily a bad thing; but also important for future improvements. The key point is how to control it in the progress way not harmful way for ourselves

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