Top 10 Ways to Promote the Culture of Using E-books in the World

Today, the culture of using E-books (Electronic Books) has become more essential in comparison to using paper books.

It is important to encourage people to read electronic book for two major reasons. The first reason can be extracted for being popular online environment for educators/students without the time or desire to sit in a traditional classroom for several hours on end. Because the missing classes statistics of educators reasoning being busy in daily activities and lifestyle have been going higher recently. Therefore, the alternative and affordable education space seek much more.

The second cause is the author’s concerns regarding their income from book selling. Since in the days of paper publishing, authors were hand-tied to ensure the long success of their books. They depended upon the people and if they liked their books enough to buy them. This is why it wasn’t a stable source of income, so in this case, a keen solution should be invented in solving the authors’ concerns very well.

Promoting the culture of using e-books by the following top 10 ways:

In brief, electronic book are not only an alternative problem resolution for educators but also have several benefits. Hence, it requires to promote the culture of E-books using in the world by considering the following top 10 ways:

1- E-books benefits for educators/students

The main E-books users are knowledge seekers, so it needs to promote the E-books benefits for them. The instance delivery, easily portable, further learning styles accommodation, and search features facilities are some key promotional benefits for the educators to attract their attention for non printed books importance.

2- E-books benefits for Teachers/Instructors

One of the special usages of digital books is a mutual advantage for both students and teachers. The instructors and teachers can benefit from E-books usage by having universal access, searching by MARC records, and In-class teaching tools facilities.

3- E-books Grant a Fine Source of Income for Authors

Fortunately, by launching electronic books the authors should say goodbye with all concern regarding not being a stable source of income. Because now the authors are ably nailing as much target customers and audience as they want worldwide.

Promoting your products throughout social media platforms has brought a lot of conveniences to increase your income by reaching out your products to thousands of your targeted customers. Vice versa it was impossible in the paper publishing era, but by conducting a creative marketing strategy the authors will have a progressive income source.

4- E-books Involving in Educational Curriculums

One of the basic ways to promote the E-book using culture is to include them in the educational curriculum to courage and motivate the students as well as the teachers using E-books as their educational tools during their education careers. So, it will help the world through involving technological curriculum to shortcut the E-books usage culture roadmap.
*The other efficient points are listed below that can promote the digital books using culture;

5- E-books Save Money and Time

The aim behind initiating e-books culture was to save money and time. In days that students have spent hundreds of dollars and many hours to travel in another town buying a book. Today, just in a few seconds and save a lot of money they have their favorite and needed books by downloading.

6- E-books Assist Us to Have a Friendly Environment

It is needed to cut many trees to manufacture papers for books’ pages that certainly it will harm our planet. But, e-books don’t need to be published as it helps human to live in a friendly and green environment.

7- E-books Don’t Need for a Huge Storage

Digital books take up less space while paper books need a large space to store them. Your library is only your small electrical device to store thousands of e-books.

8- E-books Give an Easy Update Step

Whenever you are advised to have an updated version of your study book, immediately you get worried about spending extra money and time. But, e-books have facilitated you to have the updated version of your on-hand book just by clicking the update button freely.

9- E-books Ease Students’ Group Tasks and Contents Sharing

It is vivid that sharing traditional books’ contents is so hard and sometimes it is impossible whenever you want to perform a group task remotely. Unlike, digital books enable you to share as much content as you want very easily.

10- E-books for the author benefits are Ease Portable and Usable

The last but the most important that convinces the readers and educator to use the e-books is the facility of porting as well as immediate usage in case of need. The users can carry out several books and read them everywhere, on the bus, train, airplane, also even standing in a line. It means they can use them wisely as per need.

Written by: Ahmad Reshad Jahed


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