The Impact of Academic Education on People Life

The Impact of Academic Education on People Life

What is the role of education in life? Can academic education guarantee a successful future?

The importance of education and especially academic education in life is undeniable. Education in many countries is a tool to promote societies and make the world a better place. Academic education nurtures people who are not only the source but also the capital and assets of society.

Through academic education, we become questioning beings with an analytical mind. The mind of an educated person seeks logic and scientific evidence behind all actions. With the help of education, disability and weakness become ability. An educated person makes better decisions.

On the other hand, deprivation of academic education can lead to inability of individuals to express their opinions and gender inequality. Illiterate people do not have the confidence to express their opinion and the ability to defend their rights. Studies have also shown that providing women with access to education in countries where gender discrimination is common enables them to resist domestic violence and take control of their lives.

Academic degree holders are more likely to have job with high income

People who have good jobs and higher incomes through academic education can easily meet the needs of their families and they are able to buy healthy food, have more time to exercise and have fun, and can pay more for health services and transportation services.

Less income and less access to resources for people with lower levels of education means that they are more likely to live in low-income neighborhoods and suburbs. As a result, residents of these areas do not have access to green spaces and suitable places for outdoor sports activities. The number of qualified doctors and proper health facilities in such areas is very low.

Schools in these areas are not able to create favorable conditions and pay good salaries for their teachers because they receive less funding to provide their own resources. For this reason, the quality of education in schools in these areas is usually very low.

Also, the crime rate in these areas is higher and increases the risk of residents being in traumatic conditions and death due to violence and stress of life in these areas.

Excessive environmental pollution and exposure to waste and hazardous chemicals are other factors that affect their quality of life. These are among the bad conditions that arise in the absence of good jobs and sufficient income

Can academic education make more lifetime

Statistics show that educated people typically live longer and have better lives. For example, many of them understand the need for diet and lifestyle for their health, which enables them to make healthier choices.

For example, according to research by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a thirty-year-old man with an academic education is eight years more likely to live than a thirty-year-old man who has not completed high school.

However, a woman with an academic education lives 4 more years than a woman who has not completed high school. Also, people with academic education (and, consequently, higher incomes) suffer less from the harmful stresses of difficult social and economic conditions.

Nowadays, a person with academic education is much more likely to be accepted into a job with suitable conditions (including health insurance, paid leave, and retirement). It is a fact that academic education raises people’s expectations, in such a way that people are no longer willing to get normal and low-level jobs, so those who are more educated usually experience less economic hardship and are placed in jobs with higher and social status.

It is often said that knowledge is power. In a society where knowledge is the most valuable asset, the best jobs will be for the most educated people. On average, people who have academic education get more meaningful and interesting jobs than uneducated people. This leads to more job satisfaction in people, which ultimately causes to a better quality of life.


In general, it is true that there are few people who do not have an academic education and are even illiterate, but they have a good job, a high income and a high standard of living, and academic education does not guarantee 100% success in your future life, but academic education largely contributes to the success of people in society; Because it is a way to acquire specialized knowledge that, if combined with life skills, will lead to success.

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