Table of Contents – Volume 1, 2022

frontfront cover Academic insight vol 1

1- Academic Insight – Introduction
2- Phil De Luna – The Youngest CarbonTech Canadian Innovator & Academic Insight Star of Canada for 2022
3- Canadian Academia and Pandemics: A Forefront Cavalry Against Covid19
4- Insulin by Frederick Banting, Charles Best, and James Collin in 1922 – A Canadian Discovery of 20th Century
5- Youth Science Canada – Empowering the Canadian Youth for STEM Research
6- The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI): Investing on Canada’s Bright Minds
7- Existence of a University in the Center of A Continental Hemisphere: Brandon University
8- Spirit of the Winnipeg [Technology and Rising Star (Start-Up) Awards] by The Winnipeg Chamber
9- North Forge Technology Exchange – A Gateway of Successful Innovation in Manitoba