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Top 5 Affordable Countries to Study in Europe

Study in Europe vary from country to country. A wide range of diverse institutions with multiple disciplines to opt from welcomes you when you think of studying in Europe.

Every country has some special academic elements to offer international students which make it unique. It becomes difficult to choose when you have so many options lying on the table. To help our readers in taking a wise decision, here’s a guide to some of the best and affordable educational institutions to Study in Europe.

1. Germany:

Germany tops the list when it comes to quality education that too affordable. The secret of Germany’s success in the fields of research and innovation is their free access to undergraduate and graduate programs. Even for international students, it is no less than a dream to get free access to academics. Not only education, but basic lifestyle in Germany is also less expensive.

This is why we see international students opting for Bachelors in Business, Bachelors in Engineering, and Bachelors in Finance in Germany when they choose their destination school to Study in Europe.

2. Spain:

The chatty, sunny Spain is considered the friendliest and most commonly opted study destinations in Europe. Many of the universities in students charge the lowest tuition fees to international students. Spain has great undergraduate programs to offer such as Bachelors of Arts and Design, Bachelors of Business, and Bachelors of Political Science.

3. Greece:

Greece, the hub of ancient history and philosophy is another affordable study destination offering quality education with a lifetime experience of exploring all that Greece has in store of tourists. For students coming from Europe itself, there is no fees for undergraduate students but if you are a non-European student, you will have to pay an average amount.

Popular programs offered by Greece to Study in Europe are Bachelors in Business administration, and Bachelors in International relations.

4. Italy:

Italy is also marked as one of the easily accessible countries in Europe for international students willing to study abroad.

The average fee ranges from city to city so when you opt for a student city, you get benefited with affordable educational institutions. Italy stands out in all the options when it comes to Bachelors in Business and Bachelors in Economics.

5. Poland:

Poland is another commonly opted countries in Europe for study purpose. The only thing is that if you are unable to speak Polish, or generally you are from a non-European country than you will have to opt for English-graduate programs with some extra charges but that will not cost you a lot.

Poland offers some affordable programs of Bachelors in Engineering, and Bachelors in Computer Science that you must consider.

This is all from our side, a small guide to to Study in Europe.

Let us know any other European countries that you are aware of and that should be added in this list in the comment section.


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