Riverside Education Center

Riverside Education Center – An After-class Tutoring and Extracurricular School in the Mesa County

Riverside Education center provides after class tutoring and extracurricular classes for students in the Mesa County and they try to foster a positive environment for kids.

There are many organizations and education centers around the world that provide classes and tutoring courses for kids from different age groups starting from kindergarten kids all the way up to 12th grade students.

Some of them are funded by the help of local people and the parents of those children and maybe some volunteer help by donations made by other people. Other ones are funded by government and the local people.

No matter where they provide their funding, they all try to pursue the same ambition and goal which is providing kids with high quality tutoring courses with minimal cost. One of these institutions is Riverside Education center that specializes in after class courses.

Riverside Education Center helps students to get to appreciate the environment they live in and get a better understanding of their community.

In this way, kids can find themselves in a greater community that supports them and cars for them.

They partner with various associations and organizations including Colorado West Land Trust, Museum of the West, Grand Junctions Parks and Recreation, Kids Aid and many more.

They all function as a part of a bigger community that moves towards providing better future for kids. They believe that students regardless of their race, social status or disability deserves the same opportunities in life. Therefore they try to move towards this goal.

They also have a caregiver center that focuses mainly on helping students in various areas and problems they might face.

They have parenting resources to difficult issues such as divorce, substance abuse, bullying and talking with teens about sexuality to helping low income students in the area. The impression that I personally get from this institution is that it is based on passion and caring.

It is basically a group of people who care about their kids and other kids, and they are taking initiative to make a difference in their kid’s future. Since it’s foundation in 2006, it has grown drastically and now they have 15 tutoring sites with more than 750 students.

All they needed was vision and passion, that was planted in the roots of Riverside Education Center by Mary Spirio.

She is a former third grade teacher that noticed something is not right about the education students receive and decided to make a change. After all, her efforts worked and this institution works and functions very well.

For more details about the Riverside Education Center, please visit their homepage – https://www.rec4kids.com/

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